Soap infused Sponges

Sponges with soap in them are great to pamper yourself – it’s a reusable bath bomb for the shower! They are great for travelling as there’s nothing to spill in your suitcase. Plus, they can be taken in hand luggage with you for those short trips away.

These sponges are all infused with soap and are really easy to use, just run the sponge under the shower for a few seconds, squeezing it to absorb the water. Then simply massage it in a circular motion to cleanse your skin. Once you’ve finished, squeeze out any excess water and then it’s ready to go the next time.

Being vegan friendly, cruelty free and hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, they are a great luxury gift. We have sponges in bright and colourful designs that are filled with soap for children. This is the perfect way to encourage showers where a bath might not be available. We’ve also had some great feedback that shows these are perfect for the elderly or people with dementia.