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Boys Like Unicorns Too Enamel Pin


Boys Like Unicorns Too enamel pin badge with rainbow design features. This enamel pin is exclusive to us here at Have a Mooch and was designed by Mr Mooch himself. As parents to three boys who like unicorns, we’ve struggled to find appropriate unicorn gifts that they don’t find too “girly”. Whilst they love a rainbows, bright and bold colours and anything that sparkles, they’re not so mad on pink and fluffy!

This enamel coated pin badge features the slogan ‘Boys like Unicorns too’ with rainbow detailing. It’s a circular pin badge with a white background measuring 2.5cm.

It looks awesome on a denim jacket, handbag strap or backpack. Our little people have one on their school bag, coats and party jackets. Show your support for the Unicorn loving boys in your life!

Enamel pins are a great way of showing off your personality and jazzing up a classic, plain item.


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