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Bug Me Not! Children’s Board Game


Children’s Board Game, Bug Me Not!

A simple game play makes this ideal for families with younger children (4+ years) and bug lovers of course! Be the first to get your frog from one corner of the board to the opposite corner, feasting on insects along the way.

To play this children’s board game, simply pick your frog and roll the bug dice. If there is a matching bug on a square next to you, you have to move. If there’s no bug, the next player goes. If another player is already on the matching square, tell ’em to bug off and send ’em back to start. With a mix of skill and chance Bug Me Not! is fun for the whole family!

This family game is designed for 2-4 players. It’s simple, setup (and screen) free entertainment. With a compact box it would be easy to take on your travels too and share with friends/family.

We’re big fans of screen-freen entertainment in our house and with a bug loving middle child, and strategy loving eldest it’s the perfect game for them to play together. It’s simple and easy to setup making it a nice game to play before bed, or to quickly keep them occupied whilst trying to juggle zoom calls, or making dinner.


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