Bullet Journal Starter Set


Bullet Journal Starter Set

Create your very own bullet journal with this creative journalling kit by Tombow. It contains everything you need to create your own bullet journal. Inside you will find an A5 linen planner, each page features the dotgrid layout. You’ll also receive a selection of pens to get you started. It’s a great starter set if you haven’t ventured into journalling before, an ideal gift for a creative friend or an outlet for yourself to practice some mindfulness and reflection each day.

Alongside the linen planner, the Bullet Journal Starter Set contains:

Instruction booklet by Sara Vázquez for inspiration and tips

x4 ABT Dual Brush Pens (lilac, yellow, green and pink) with a flexible nylon brush tip and a fine polyester tip in one pen. These are perfect for decorating the bullet journal with colourful letterings or adding notes. The colours can also be mixed with each other and blended with water to create wonderful watercolouring effects.

x1 Fudenosuke Brush pen with a fine elastic tip. This water-based pigment ink does not bleed through most papers. Ideal for delicate letterings and creating key codes.

x1 MONO edge highlighter with two tips (chisel and round) for highlighting and adding details to notes

x1 MONO graph pencil for for erasable notes in the bullet journal, simply shake the pencil or press the clip to advance the lead (0.5mm. HB)

The starter set has been created by Sara Vázquez (@mylittlejournalblog) and includes handy hints and tips on how to decorate your journal too.

What is a bullet journal?

A Bullet Journal is a self-designed calendar diary with thematically structured entries – the bullets. You can create entries in categories of your own choosing. To-do lists, sketches or short diary entries – everything can be entered into a bullet journal. It gives you an overview of what’s going on and allows you to organise yourself the way you want. In the digital era, a bullet journal is a conscious way of slowing down and being mindful. For many people, bullet journaling has become a beloved creative activity.


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