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Children’s Frisbee, Flying Disc by Quut


Enjoy the outdoors with a good, old fashioned children’s frisbee. This flying disc provides hours of fun in the air but also doubles up as a sand/soil sift for use at the beach, in the garden, sandpit or even water table. If you’re adventurous with tuff tray setups it would provide endless opportunities!

Anyone can use this frisbee, flying disc and be successful. It’s easy to use for players of any experience level, stable in the air, comfortable in the hand, and exceedingly durable. A popular beach classic that is also perfect for the park, the garden or the pool. The wide 25 centimeter diameter of this frisbee and the typical Quut hole pattern makes it a mighty sand sifter.

Did you know?

All products are BPA, Phthalates, latex free and are of course recyclable. Quut believes that creating
a love affair with your favorite toy, means the toy will last you a lifetime. It may even be passed on to
the next generation. Durability to the next level!


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