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Drift Away: Lavender & Orange Candle by SevenSeventeen


Introducing the latest addition to the SevenSeventeen essential oil candle range, a sumptuous new slumber scent which combines soothing lavender with citrus notes to help you switch off from the day.

Enjoy this candle as part of your nightly bedtime routine along with a Spacemask, or our Scentered Sleep balm.

With sumptuous scents, plant-based wax and super burn times, SevenSeventeen candles are all about finding calm amidst the chaos. Hand-poured in England to ensure even fragrance distribution, they come with their own soothing mantras to restore sanity and fill your home with the right kind of pong.

Each candle is presented in a recycled glass pharmacy jar and finished with cotton wicks. The screw-top lids keep out dust and the jars can be re-used for storing small items or displaying flowers.

Burn times (approx):
120ml – 30 hrs


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