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Dustless Classic Chalk – Kitpas


Classic Chalk Set by Kitpas. Environmentally friendly and a fab variety of colours to get you started on your chalk adventure.

Dustless Classic Chalk by Kitpas, the fabulous brand behind the window crayons that have seen a surge in popularity during lockdown! This set of Kitpas Classic Chalk features six colours. Think yellow, pink, green, blue, violet and white a great classic pallete. Perfect to add a bit of variety to your chalk art!

These chalks are super environmentally-friendly and are made from calcium carbonate and recycled scallop shells. As a natural product they’re also non-allergenic and non-toxic and being dustless it makes them super easy to clean up!

Once you start using them you’ll notice that they are highly pigmented for awesome colour and that they easily blend on the board. Our little monsters adore practising their writing with them.

The classiccolours add the fun factor to pavement and patio chalk art and also make for a little fun on the classic black board.

Neon Kitpas chalk:
– eco-friendly
– natural product, non-allergenic, non-toxic
– suitable for children over 3 years
– highly pigmented and easily blends on the board

We’re big fans of Kitpas here at Have a Mooch.
About Kitpas
Kitpas were founded in 1937, Japanese brand Nihon Rikagaku produces aware winning Kitpas crayons, dustless chalk (coming soon) which is widely used in 80% of Japanese schools and blackboards in an array of colours and designs. They produce quality products that don’t damage people or the earth and create happiness through job opportunities for people with learning difficulties (the majority of their workforce).


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