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Kitpas Art Crayons – Set of 16


Join the craze and add a rainbow to your window with these wonderful Kitpas window crayons. This particular set features 16 crayons, they are non-toxic and easily wipe clean with a damp cloth.

These crayons can be used on paper and card but also windows, mirrors, whiteboards and acrylic easels.

Add some fun to homeschool life by feeding their imagination with Kitpas crayons. Watch the wonder on their face as you use a wet brush to turn their creation from a drawing to a watercolour painting in an instant.

They are also ideal for preschool and reception aged children following EYFS. Practice your cursive handwriting and control in a fun and colourful way!

It’s time to get creative with these fab childrens crayons from Japanese brand Kitpas. These eco-friendly and water-soluble crayons can be used on paper or card but also on glass (great for putting a rainbow in your window), mirrors, or a whiteboard. All you need is a damp cloth and the window is back to normal in seconds.

This set contains sixteen medium crayons. Inside you will find white, pink, red, orange, pale orange, yellow, yellow green, green, light blue, blue, navy, purple, light brown, brown, grey and black.

You can add an extra dynamic too as their crayons are water soluble. With a few strokes of a wet brush your drawing will become a wonderful watercolour painting.

Not only have they thought of the parents by making them super easy to wipe-clean but they also come in a lovely cardboard box with flip lid which is secured with an elastic loop. You’ll appreciate this as there is no hunting for the lid that’s been thrown aside in the excitement of getting the arts and crafts set out!

They’re proving a popular choice (or gift) for parents with children at home, rainbows are popping up everywhere with the Kitpas window crayons! They also make learning fun, if like us at Mooch HQ you have a pre-schooler they can make preparing for school something they have no idea they are doing. They are great to help develop hand eye co-ordination and control, in preparation for learning to write. We’ve also got a Year R (reception) aged son who has been perfecting his cursive writing by “getting ready to write” and practicing tricky letter formations on the windows.

About Kitpas
Kitpas were founded in 1937, Japanese brand Nihon Rikagaku produces aware winning Kitpas crayons, dustless chalk (coming soon) which is widely used in 80% of Japanese schools and blackboards in an array of colours and designs. They produce quality products that don’t damage people or the earth and create happiness through job opportunities for people with learning difficulties (the majority of their workforce).

Additional Info
Made in Japan
x16 crayons
Child friendly, suitable from 3+ years
Eco Friendly
Non toxic crayons
Ideal crayons for drawing on glass