Make This Book Wild


Make This Book Wild is asking you to do just that, take the book outdoors with you and fill it with creativity from the world around you.

It is part book, part scrapbook and offers children an outlet to express themselves. Each page contains prompts for creative activities based around nature and what is on their doorstep.

From finding the faces hidden in pictures of trees, to collecting ingredients for a spell to keep nature safe, to sticking the feathers back onto a mythical bird, these prompts and activities will provide hours and hours of entertainment as they take children on flights of fantasy through the natural world.

Readers can colour outside the lines, do the activities in any order and go at their own pace. It’s perfect if you struggle to get your children outside. It has purpose and will make any walk or time spent outside fun for them!

The mixture of art, creative writing, collecting, games, wildlife-watching and imaginative prompts will appeal to kids with all kinds of interests, and there are no rules! It makes a wonderful gift for children of all ages, we’re working through it with our 6 year old son and couldn’t be having more fun!


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