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My Feelings Bingo: Children’s Feelings Bingo


My Feelings bingo is a fun and engaging way for children and adults to talk about their emotions.

The gameboard features 48 emotions as characters, illustrated by Bee Grandinetti whose warm and sensitive illustrations have been featured by Headspace and Airbnb. They clearly and amusingly depict each emotion so that they can be recognized and explored in a fun, low-pressure way

Each player gets a card with 16 emotions. An accompanying booklet by developmental psychologist Dr Emily Midouhas explains each emotion in child-friendly language and gives tips on learning to express emotions and allow them to be felt in healthy ways.

My feelings bingo is an easy-to-play bingo game for the whole family: be the first to get all 16 emotions on your card to win BINGO!

It’s a wonderful way to decipher how your child is feeling and help them to manage their emotions, no matter their age!


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