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Poppik Numbers Mosaic – 123 Numbers Panorama


Poppik Numbers Mosaic – Unfold this Poppik panoramic number mosaic poster and follow the number code to stick on the 520 geometric coloured stickers in the right places. This wonderful fold out panorama features removable stickers meaning they’re great for little hands if they don’t quite get it right the first time!

It’s a great way of practising numbers 1-10 in a fun and endearing way, each number is also associated with an element of nature: 1 sun, 2 cheetahs, 3 caterpillars, 4 fish, 5 daisies… Bit by bit, a beautiful scene designed by Beci Orpin will be revealed.

The Numbers Mosaic panorama is a great screen-free activity that can be completed in one go, or folded up and popped away to finish over a period on time. On average they are completed in 3 30minute stints. If you have a toddler with a keen interest in numbers, or perhaps a pre-schooler just gearing up to start school it’s a lovely way to spend some 1-on-1 time practising numbers in an enviroment that doens’t feel like learning!

This sticker activity cleverly occupies children away from the screens. – They can play in groups, thanks to the giant format (140 x 25 cm) and the large number of stickers (over 520). – The sticker activity uses visual recognition (colours and shapes). – This creative sticker kit promotes concentration and calmness for long periods of time (parents love it) – These creative stickers train fine motor skills and application. – Poppik develops children’s artistic sensitivity, as the sticker poster is made by a renowned illustrator. – This sticker activity enhances the child’s value because the result is amazing. – The sticker activity is easy, even for children who are not very manual. – Once the creative activity is finished, the panorama can be hung up on the wall… and there are many creative stickers left to create freely. – Duration of the children’s creative activity: on average 3 sessions of 30 minutes (very variable from one child to another).


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