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The Happy News, Issue 24 “Love”


Meet the latest issue of The Happy Newspaper which will see us through Christmas and New Year (December 2021 – February 2022) with the theme of “Love”

If you haven’t yet discovered The Happy News, it’s an advert free, 32 page colour newspaper. It’s full of colourful and uplifting news stories from around the world.

Each Happy Newspaper has been stitched together, making it nice and easy for children and elderly readers to handle. It’s bright colours are intriguing for children and great if you have a reluctant reader.

We’re big fans of The Happy Newspaper here at Have a Mooch and are thrilled to stock the newspaper. It’s a great pick-me-up for friends and family, we think every home (and classroom) should have a copy!

This newspaper gives children real-life heroes to look up to and shares only happy, heartwarming news with those not wanting to expose themselves to the doom and gloom of ‘normal’ news channels. Our copy goes straight to my Grandma.

It makes a lovely non-expensive and thoughtful gift for teachers, friends and family. We often team it with a Spacemask and send it out directly for customers.


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