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The Little Book of Joy


Find a different way to spread joy every day of the year with this beautiful hardback book, The Little Book of Joy.
This gorgeous journal will show you different ways to be inspired by famous people on their birthdays; learn how to spot and find flowers throughout each season; create your own gratitude jar; learn how to make pastries; make a gift for someone you love; discover the pleasure of letter writing; and find joy in a rainy day.
It’s packed with art activities, famous birthdays, inventions, international holidays, facts, and trivia about the world around us, each page offers a mindful prompt to encourage gratitude for things we have, every day.
This journal makes the most wonderful keepsake gift for birthdays and would be an ideal Christmas gift for children. It’s beautifully illustrated in colour and will bring a smile each and every day.
Written by Joanne Ruelos Diaz; illustrated by Annelies Draws


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