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Ultimate Sleep Well Gift Box



Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with our Ultimate Sleep Well Gift Box. We’ve curated a gift box with relaxation and a good sleep in mind. Our gift boxes come with everything individually wrapped in tissue paper and tied with twine. If you would like to send it directly to your loved one, leave a gift note at the checkout and it’ll be handwritten and included on one of our rainbow notecards.

Inside the Sleep Well Gift Box you will find:

Spongelle French Lavender Shower Gel Infused Sponge

The multi-tasking, multi-use sponges harnesses proprietary infusion technology to deliver an indulgent, time-released lather with a built-in body wash formula, whilst the unique surface changes from exfoliating to as soft as silk texture allowing you to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish with the one sponge. The buffer creates a creamy lather for 14+ showers, the sponge leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and feeling soft and silky. It’s a lovely, soothing French Lavender scent making it the perfect choice for those winding down with an evening shower.

Smells Like
A moonlit stroll through the fields of Provence

Feels Like
A milk bath of freshly picked lavender

For more information on the French Lavender Spongelle Sponge, click here

Scentered Sleep Aromatherapy Balm

Do you long for deep uninterrupted, peaceful sleep? The Scentered Sleep well aromatherapy balm is an ideal Sleep Aid for you if you suffer from poor sleep, jet lag, night anxiety, night restlessness OR regularly experience broken sleep patterns and sleeplessness. It’s a 100% natural, essential oil based aromatherapy balm. t’s a lovely balm to integrate into your evening / bedtime routine as a sleep aid. Apply to the pulse points and follow the wellbeing ritual below. Self-care has never been so important and it doesn’t have to be selfish or time consuming. The sleep balm is easy to introduce in the evenings as you prepare to sleep. More info can be found here.

Single Spacemask Sachet

This foil wrapped single use eye mask will transport you to another planet, literally. It is self heating and gradually warms up as soon as you open the packet leaving you to just hook the loops over your ears and lie back, be it on the sofa, in the bath or your bed. This Jasmine scented eye mask will relieve tension, eye strain and the general stress of every day life!


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