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Witching Hour – Lavender & Bergamot Candle by SevenSeventeen


SevenSeventeen hand pour luxury candles right here in England. They know the parenting drill and have curated a range that is designed to help you find the calm admist the chaos. Witching Hour features the calming blend of Lavender & Bergamot, which will help you restore your sanity and feel empowered to navigate bedtime!

SevenSeventeen Lavender & Bergamot Witching Hour Candle

Witching Hour is an ongoing joke between our NCT group, and so I couldn’t resist this candle! Restore your sanity as your home fills with the beautiful scent of lavender and bergamot. It might even calm the kids too! It will look effortlessly stylish on the side and might muster a smile from you when you’re in the thick of it…or give you a much needed reset.

It makes a quirky gift for your mum friends as this dreamy lavender & bergamot candle will alleviate stress and soothe a busy mind. Witching Hour in our house hits at around 4:30pm when they start to get hangry!

SevenSeventeen produce mood boosting candles that are hand-poured in England with the company ethos being to find calm amidst the chaos. Each candle is presented in a recycled glass pharmacy jar and finished with cotton wicks. The screw-top lids keep out dust and the jars can be re-used for storing small items such as cotton buds or make a lovely home for succulents.

With sumptuous scents, plant-based wax and super burn times, SevenSeventeen candles are all about finding calm amidst the chaos. Hand-poured in England, they come with their own soothing mantras to restore sanity and fill your home with the right kind of pong.

Burn time (approx):
180ml – 50hrs