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Spin to Survive Frozen Mountain, Emily Hawkins


This hardback book is a combination of both a book and game in one, with a pop-out fortune spinner, use this on each page to decide your destiny! It’s a great interactive book that will keep the young and old guessing what happens next. It’s full of adventure, facts and the element of surprise.

You are about to embark on a dangerous adventure. With this game in a book, use the pop-out Survival Spinner to learn your fate as you face peril after peril in a wild, rugged landscape.

As you confront each life-threatening challenge in this adventure-filled game book, place the Survival Spinner found inside the cover of the book on one of the circles on your current page, and spin. The place where the spinner points when it stops tells you if you have survived, are still living but injured or that you have perished, with a corresponding page number to turn to for each fate.

Throughout, you will learn about real-life survival techniques, including how to:

  • Make a snow shelter
  • Build a fire
  • Survive a bear attack
  • Treat a wound
  • Use the sun and moon to navigate
  • Cross a frozen lake

It’s a great gift idea for children 7 years+ (younger with support) and is a fun, interactive alternative to screen time. Our seven year old loves it and enjoys playing/reading it with others too. The hardback cover features gorgeous gold foiling detail, it’s a book they’ll treasure for years.


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