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Stickers- Poppik My First Stickers Mosaic Cards (River Animals)

Original price was: £10.00.Current price is: £5.00.

This Poppik set of charming sticker mosaic cards is designed for young children (2+). There are six cards of lovely river animals (swan, fish, frog, ducks and more) and 96 super easy-to-peel stickers. Follow the simple colour dot code to place each geometric sticker in the right place (the stickers are removable) to complete each picture. The cards come in a handy storage pouch, making it a perfect activity to pack away and do little and often, or take with you on days out or when off to visit friends or family.

This activity promotes the use of fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition in a learning through play way. It’s ideal if you have little ones trying to keep up with their older siblings too as it has been specifically designed for the younger ones. It’s a lovely, calm activity that doesn’t involve a screen and will let you sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea (or maybe mulled wine now we are nearing Christmas!)

We also have this set available in Forest Animals, click here if you would like to see it.

For slightly older pre-sch0ol or reception aged children within the EYFS curriculum, the alphabet and number panoramic sticker mosaic poster is a fun, educational option. Click here to see them.

We also have the sticker posters, designed for those aged 6+ designs of which include the ocean, world, space and insects and some fabulous scissor free cardboard engineering kits which you can find here.

The individual cards measure 18cm x 18cm

Suitable for age 2+.

These are designed by French brand Poppik who create cards, panoramas and posters to be completed using stickers. The activities to suit children from age 2 to 10+. They make great rainy day activities to promote calm and concentration and really are designed for everyone to get involved with.