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Time Out “Honey” Gift Box



Meet our Time Out “Honey” Gift Box, it’s the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. Inside you’ll find a bar of honeycomb milk chocolate which has been handmade by The Chocolate Libertine and finished beautifully with a honey bee. To get you as close as possible to a Spa experience, also included is a Honey Blossom shower gel infused sponge and a single Spacemask eye mask for 20 minutes of interstellar relaxation!

This gift box is ideal for someone needing a little lift. They can enjoy the delicious honeycomb chocolate and then take themselves off for an amazing evening of pampering with the Spongelle infused sponge and jasmine scented eyemask by Spacemasks that gently warms up once opened. It’s ideal if you’re buying for someone short on time too as it’s the ideal burst of self-care.

Spongelle Honey Blossom Spongette

Smells Like
A creamy honey milk bath drizzled with fresh lavender

Feels Like
A bite of warm toast with honey on a rainy day

Fragrance Notes T: musk, aldehydes M: lavender B: powdery notes, creamy vanilla

Single Spacemask Sachet

This foil wrapped single use eye mask will transport you to another planet, literally. It is self heating and gradually warms up as soon as you open the packet leaving you to just hook the loops over your ears and lie back, be it on the sofa, in the bath or your bed. This Jasmine scented eye mask will relieve tension, eye strain and the general stress of every day life!

Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Bar

This stunning handmade honeycomb chocolate bar is made from delicious Belgium chocolate and embedded with crunchy honeycomb nuggets and finished with a honeybee and gorgeous gold lustre. It comes beautifully wrapped in celophane and is tied with a cheerful yellow ribbon. Click here for ingredients, allergens and nutritional information.